Chihuahua Training Articles

a chihuahua going pottyHouse Breaking a Chihuahua:

House Training your Chihuahua can be difficult if not started on immediately and consistently. Chihuahuas are just like all dogs in that if they trust you, they will be eager to please you. So never spank your Chihuahua for making a mistake potty training. Read More...



a barking chihuahua

Chihuahuas - The Notorious Yappers. Can they be trained not to bark?

The first rule of training/obedience is to be the alpha leader of your pack. Being the pack leader is first step to obedience, including teaching your Chi not to bark. You must be the shot caller! Don't treat your Chi like a baby. Read More...



an aggressive Chihuahua

Why Are Chihuahuas So Aggressive?

It is said that "The Chihuahua would be a dangerous breed if it were larger." Is there any truth to this? Is the Chihuahua one of the most aggressive dog breeds? The unofficial title of most aggressive dog breed usually goes to the Pit Bull or the Rottweiler. Read More...




a deer-head chihuahua

Chihuahua and Children: Can they get along?

This is a common question asked by many potential Chihuahua owners, and there is usually a common answer. The majority of breeders and trainers do not recommend that people with small children get a Chihuahua. is actually quite possible for children and Chihuahuas to co-exist harmoniously. Read More...


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-1 #1 RE: Chihuahua Training ArticlesWILLIAM Bailey 2014-03-14 22:05
I have a small Chihuahua and he would always come and sit with me. He would let me pick him when I would take me outside to do his business. since I trim his nails he has drawn away from me. He wont let me pick him up without yapping, and wanting me to put him down. Is this normal behavior, or lost of trust.
-1 #2 RE: Chihuahua Training ArticlesWILLIAM Bailey 2014-03-14 22:27
I have a small Chihuahua and he always comes when I ask him to come.He also would let me pick him up when I would take him out to go to the bathroom. since I clip his toenails he has withdrawn from me and when I try to pick him up he starts fighting with me to put him down. He also yapps when I try to pick me up too. Is this his way of showing that he doesn't trust me anymore?