Chihuahua "Chiwawa" Names

Chihuahua NameMexican, Spanish, and Latino Names For Your Chihuahua

Get some unique and appropriate ideas for naming your Chihuahua. Celebrate your Chihuahua's heritage being named after the Mexican state of Chihuahua.



Adelita: In Spanish it means kind or winged, part of the nobility.

Amigo: A friend, or partner.

Abilene or Abilina: Is a filbert or hazelnut, possibly naming for the color of the eyes.

Adan: Spanish for Adam.

Augusto: August, stately, majestic, or dignified.

Alvarez: Means noble guardian.

Antonio: Meaning priceless, worthy of praise.

Andres: Means strong, manly, brave.

Aztec: Ancient native tribe of Indians living in Mexico, still living there today.

Bambino: Masculine, a boy baby! Perfect name for your little boy Chi.

Belia: Is derived from Spanish Bella for beautiful.

Bella: Means beautiful.

Bebe: A little baby.

Bolero: Is a very popular Spanish folk dance. Words ending in an "o" in Spanish usually denote masculinity. There always exceptions to the rule.

Bonita: Meaning very pretty or cute. Words ending in an "a" in Spanish usually denote feminity.

Badillo: Is a topographic name from the word vado, meaning "ford". The "B" and "V" in Spanish are interchangeable in spelling but the pronunciation is the "v" sound for both when speaking as a general rule. The Spanish speaking countries in the Americas have more of a tendency  to pronounce them more English sounding than the European Spanish.

Bandolero: Is a robber or hold up man, bandit or bandito. Bandolera for the female.

Beso: Means kiss in Spanish. I love a kiss from little Beso!

Buena: The feminine of bueno meaning "good". One who is worthy.

Charro: A traditional horseman in Mexico. Charo the Spanish/American entertainer spelled with one "r" was married to bandleader Xavier Cugat. A good name for a blonde Chihuahua.

Chiquita: Another Spanish word for small, or little.

Cisco: Is a Spanish variant of the name Frank.

Carlos: Means free man.

Conchita: Spanish for beginning.

Chico: Is Spanish slang for a little boy, a male child or kid.

Chica: Is Spanish slang for a little girl, a female child or kid.

Chili: A variant form of chilly. From the country "Chile" or from the spice chile, Chili with an "i" is an accepted form of the spelling, as in "chili con carne".

Chi Chi: Is Spanish slang for breasts! In the US it is a term of endearment for our beloved Chihuahuas.

Cinco: Is Spanish for the number 5. Great name for your fifth Chihuahua!

Cisco: Spanish for Frenchman or free man.

Cortez: The famous Spanish Conquistador.

Diego: Means supplanter in Spanish. Spanish for James.

Digas: Means to tell, to speak or to say.

Domingo: Is the Spanish word for Sunday.

Diablo: Means the devil. A good name for an ornery  or stubborn little Chi?

Enchilada: I'm the whole package! A delicious Mexican dish made with tortillas.

Fabio: In Spanish it means bean grower. Fabio is also the name of the hotty that graced the covers of romance novels. Excellent name for a good looking Chihuahua.

Fiesta: A Mexican party!

Frijoles: These are beans in Spanish.

Flamenco: A passionate style of guitar playing and dancing.

Gaucho: A south American cowboy.

Gordita: A small Mexican cake made with corn flour and filled with meat and cheese and or other fillings.

Gazpacho: A Spanish tomato based soup that is served cold.

Goyo: A short version of Gregorio.

Hermosa: It means beautiful in Spanish.

Inca: Native tribe of Indians who lived in Peru. They had the largest empire in pre-Columbian America.

Inez: It means flawless in Spanish.

Juanita: God is gracious.

Julio: It means young or youthful in Spanish.

Mano: God is with us.

Mario: It means fighter.

Maria: Is the star of the sea.

Maya: Native tribe of Indians who lived in Mexico and Central America.

Neva: Spanish for snow, a good name for a white or cream colored dog.

Nina: A little girl, pronounced Ninya.

Nacho: A Mexican dish of tortilla chips covered by cheese and other toppings.

Ole': It means bravo in Spanish, pronounced o-lay.

Paco: The meaning of the name Paco is free. Sometimes used as a nickname Francisco

 Poco: Small, little

Poquito: Also small or little

Poncho: A cloak usually made if wool

Querida: Wanted or desired, it is used in the sense of "dear"

Quesito: Corner of cheese, or to question

Ramiero: Judicious

Ramon: Guards wisely

Ramona: Protecting hands

Rico: Rich and tasty or loaded (as in loaded with money, spices)

Rogelia: Famous spearwoman

Rogelio: Famous warrior

Sancho: The "other" man in a relationship (slang)

Sandia: Watermelon

Salsa: sauce or a Latin dance

Salvador: Rescuer, savior

Sangria: Blood, bleeding (Latin)

Santiago: Saint James (patron saint of Spain)

Santos: Saints

Savana: From the open plains

Sierra: Rugged or jagged mountains

Solana: Sunlight

Soledad: Solitude

Taco: A Mexican food dish

Tajo: Cut or slash

Tequila: A strong Mexican alcoholic drink

Tonto: Fool

Torito: Some say blue bottle or little bull

Toro: Bull

Zorro: The fox or fox




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